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Great, swift service. I estimated 5 hours on the phone, Mike suggested 4, and they finished in a little under and refunded the difference. For a little extra, they also hauled away an old hot water heater for me that was down in the basement. They got the job done, and I was pleased. Would recommend.
Thanks for the night move!


Mike’s Moving Company moved us late at night to make it convenient for us. They moved everything the same day, fast with no damage.
Always a professional job…
"Peter B"


Mike has moved me 3 times over 6 years. Always a professional job at a good price. You should call Mike too.
They went above and beyond
"Theresa M."


Very pleased with the care , handling and attention to detail in the moving of my furniture. Would not hesitate to use this firm again. They went above and beyond and it was greatly appreciated.
"Connie S."


I first called Mike’s Moving company 4 years ago because he was located near us. His movers were careful, but fast. Everything was moved quickly without damage. Service then he has moved us 2 time in sonyrna, and twice in Kennesaw. The customer service has always been excellent. I called him today about moving for us next week. since the first move Mike’s has been the only mover for us.


I called late on a wednesday evening to get help with moving out before sunday and Mike scheduled me for Friday and at a super awesome price! Being pregnant and my spouse works long hours we were stressed on the moving process, Mike just took all that stress away! I am overjoyed that he returned my call so quickly and without coming to see our place before the move he was able to give us ease of mind about moving. If I ever have to move again I will be calling mike to help with the move. Thank you Mike you are a life saver.


Last week Mike’s Moving Company moved our 4 BR house in record time. They are definitely the best moving company we have ever used. Other movers took their time moving our stuff and stood around smoking a good part of the time. The men from Mike’s Moving Company didn’t stop a second for anything. They were fast and careful.


Over the years I have closed old and opened up many new clinics. In the past I had the hardest time finding reliable professional movers a lot of time I had movers who were late and didn’t show up at all. Some of the movers who showed up made a real mess of things. In the 90;s I hired Mikes Moving Company. Mike himself showed up to make sure everything was done properly. Since then I’ve called Mike’s Movers for all my moving needs. I used Mike’s Moving Company to move one of the clinics today. Always they were on time and did a great job. Since that first time they moved me I’m called Mike for all our moving needs.


Best customer service! Mike’s movers moved me from one 2 bedroom apartment to another in the same complex in less then two hours they did a great job except my entertainment center was damaged and mike was there in 20 minutes to fix and its good as new.


I just want to say how pleased we were with Mike’s Moving Company today. The 3 men that came out were awesome. They looked like body builders and moved all our heavy furniture like it was weightless. It took 2 loads to get everything from Marietta to Canton in less than 9 hours. We’re happy about the price and the way they took good care of our furniture. We will call them again if we ever move.


Mike’s Moving Co moved our 4 br house for us. We have a lot of stuff but the movers worked non stop for 6 hrs to get everything moved to 2 different locations. I was very impressed on how careful they were while moving our furniture. I could tell they really cared.


Moved from a one bed room apartment to East Cobb County. Checked with other movers but Mike’s Moving had the most competitive pricing. They arrived on time and the service was great. They got the job done, and I was pleased. When selecting a moving company, I would recommend you contact Mike’s Moving before you make that selection. I know I selected the correct movers when I selected Mike’s. I would recommend you do the same. Thanks for the swift service Mike.


Mike’s Moving service moved my 3 BR townhouse today. Mike called this morning to tell me the men were running 30 minutes late. Once they got there they worked nonstop to quickly move any furniture. I could tell they really knew what they were doing. I was impressed and will probably call them again.
"Anonymous Google User"


I hired Mike’s Moving Company to move my 4 BR house last Friday. When I first saw the movers I thought 2 of the men were too old and the other man was too small to move heavy furniture. But, except for an 11 minute lunch break, they all worked non-stop for 11 1/2 hrs at the new house they had to park the truck in the street and carry everything up a steep hill but that didn’t slow them down. They are tireless workers and a pleasure to work with.


They were excellent and very reasonably priced they he has an excellent staff of movers who were very professional and very hard working and very enjoyable to work with and I would definitely definitely recommend them and use them again they were fantastic.


I was very pleased with our move from Mike’s Moving today. They were very polite and everything was perfect. When they rented truck for us.
"Anonymous Google User"


Two weeks ago the mover I had made an appointment with didn’t show up or call. I called Mike’s Moving service at the last minute and they were able to send out 4 movers right away. They quickly packed hundred of books, lots of very expensive vases and numerous fragil glass items. To my surprise nothing was damaged during the move. The men were great to work with and I’m called them 3 times since the main move.
"Pretty Blue Sky"


I hired Mike’s Movers to help me and some friends load a rental truck. When only 1 friend showed up late. I was in a real bind. Mike loaded everything for the same price and even called up to SC and made arrangements for men to unload the truck late on a Friday night. I called him today to move a desk from a basement to living room. My husband and thru of his friend couldn’t pick it up so he suggested 3 men for the job. 2 of the workers were able to move it real quick for a good price.


Last Sunday my original movers didn’t show up because “their trucks were vandalized”. i called several other movers but no one answered the phone. Finally, when I called Mikes Moving Co he answered on the first ring & had 2 men and a truck at my apartment within the hour. They moved me to a new apartment quicker and cheaper than what the other company had quoted me.


I called Mike’s yesterday to move my 3 BR house. Mike showed up with 2 movers. They were awesome. It took them less than 3 hours to move all the big furniture and boxes. All the other movers I called quoted me higher prices and they all estimated it would take longer than it did Mike’s Movers.
"Anonymous Google User"


I recently used Mikes Moving for the second time. His men were polite courteous and took great care in moving my sons furniture, loading transporting and unloading. If the occasion comes up for another move I would highly recommend Mikes Moving.


Wonderful moving company. I have been hiring Mike Movers since 2006. They have moved me 6 times in the last 8 years. They were efficient and caring and he always stuck to the agreed time. I will always call Mike Movers to move me, because they have integrity.
"A. Macaween"


Several years ago Mike’s Moving Company moved my residence. I was very pleased with the service so I refered numerous clients to Mike’s at the senior living facility where I work. All the people who I talked to that were moved by Mike’s very happy with the job Mike’s movers did.


Mike’s Movers unloaded a pod at my new house in East County. I was very impressed by how fast they worked. It took 3 men over 3 hours to load the pod.
"Heath N."


I moved cross county last year. The big truck took all day for them to unload. Last month had Mikes Movers to move my stuff to another house. Service total 8hrs to unload Mike told me it would probably take 2 days to load and unload. To my surprise they did the whole job in 1 day.
"Cat Gonz"


I first called Mike’s moving company for a quote in 1987. Their prices were much lower than anyone else so I hired them to move me from 1 house to another. since then, Mike’s has moved me a few times in different parts of Cobb County. The movers were always very nice. They moved me from a house to an assisted living home. It took them a little longer, because of an elevator, this time, but it was still a quick move.
"Anonymous Google User"


Last week. Mike’s Moving Company unloaded 2 trailers for me. They were early and did an amazing job. Even though there were 3 flights of stairs they moved tall my stuff a lot faster than I thought it would take, and there was no damage.
"Anonymous Google User"


Use Mike’s company for my last move. The movers were on time and orderly. The price was reasonable. I will use Mike’s company again for my next move.
"Mike Himelstein"


Mike has moved me 3 times over 6 years. Always a professional job at a good price.
You should call Mike too.
"Anonymous Google User"

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